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USCL Due Diligence Resource

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Founder's History

Shareholder Letters & Status Reports

Patent Strategy

USCL Activities & Major Accomplishments 2001-2016

Kaifa USCL Relationship

Wasion Meter Group Hunan Werko USCL Investment Transaction

USCL History & Financial Disclosures

USCL Corporation capitalization from inception through 2011

2005 Business Plan

2006 Business Plan in Chinese

USCL Financials

USCL Federal and State Tax Returns FY 2008 - FY 2010

Known USCL IP Infringers and Related Notices

USCL Corporation Corporate Status

Ariel Beta Project

Clara Miller Matter

Jeffrey H. Michel USCL Creditor Legal Disclosure Information

Jack L. Mador Matter

Disputed Contingent Liability of Material Magnitude (California State Franchise Tax Board)

List of Shareholders