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A List of the Five Prior Viral Epidemics/Pandemics in the U.S.

With Mortality Rates and Internet Accessible References
Tomer D. Tamarkin [14]
August 8, 2020
YearEstimated US MortalityVirus Type References
2017-18 72,000 Influenza H3N2 [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]
2009-10 >50,000 swine influenza H1N1 [1] [6] [7]
1981- present 450,000 HIV/AIDS [1] [8] [9]
1957-58 116,000 Influenza H2N2 [1] [10] [11]
1918-20 675,000 Influenza H3N2 [1] [12] [13]

The SARS2 or COVID19 novel corona virus is not “novel.” Slightly less than 80% of its RNA – nucleonic acid based structure comprised the 2009-10 H1N1 influenza epidemic. An effective treatment for it in the early stages is hydroxychloroquine in combination with zinc picolinate and Azithromycin or Doxycyclin. Yet the media has totally discredited this treatment as aided and abetted by the CDC, HIH, and FDA. Our President is stuck in the middle. Why? The president’s advisers have direct and beneficial financial interests in the pharmaceutical industries.

Viruses have existed as long as there has been life on Earth…the big issue today is government over reach and the ways our federal and state governments have taken control through the use of media to indoctrinate, and the socialist communist tactics that promote global control. This has become a trial run, on how far they can get away with tearing down our American constitution and those of the individual states. It is the beginning of the “November flu d’état.”

The COVID19 response is a test of the gullibility of the scientific lay American public before the next phase begins which is the destruction of the fossil fuel energy infrastructure and the adoption of the hoax/bogus “Green New Deal.” The two to three hundred year objective is an order of magnitude (tenfold) reduction of worldwide population, one world government under the UN or the like, and complete control of energy and transportation by the "elites" for their exclusive use. So far the scientifically ignorant majority of people have proven their gullibility and willingness to obey without the foggiest sense of scientific knowledge, and what or why they are obeying.